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Client Technology Tips

Text messages:

Immediately screenshot any evidence (photos sent to you, online posts, text messages etc….)

If you are taking screenshots of text messages – retain the entire conversation.

Avoid continuing engaging in contact (responding) to texts other than to tell the person to “stop” or “do not contact me anymore”

Keep a log to establish a pattern of harassment and stalking behavior (dates, times, what happened, witnesses).

Take photographs, if you can, if someone is stalking you (ie, sitting outside your home).

Print them out if you can.

Send photo evidence by email to text to another trusted person to keep for you if there’s any chance that photos will be deleted from the phone or cloud storage.


Print outs should display date and time stamps.

Do not write anything on the printouts to be used in court (it may prevent them from being admitted). If you need to make a note to a photo write what you need to write on a post-it.

Be conscious of the identifier on the messages – don’t “name” the contact anything you wouldn’t want the judge to see. It is better if you can change the contact name to display the phone number.


Think about who has access to your phone/email/social media/cloud storage! CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!!!

Tracking your location – it might be as small as a tiny device on or in your car. Could be:

via a phone feature through your service provider (Family Plan Locators)

“Find my iPhone” through Apple

An app downloaded to your phone (Locator Apps)

Some Social Media Apps will share your location (i.e., Snapchat)

Note that Cameras can tag date, time and location on photos


Home Automation:

Locks, alarms, air conditioning, lights, security cameras, music etc…

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