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Relief in Domestic Violence Injunctions 

The following is some possible relief which MAY be available to you after a hearing is held in an injunction hearing (if you first meet the legal threshold to qualify for an injunction and the Judge determines it is appropriate).  Remember that the Court is NOT obligated to order all of these things:


No Contact from the Abuser – this includes direct or indirect or third party contact.

No Violence.

The Abuser is to stay 500 feet away from your residence, place of employment, school or places that you frequent (by request).

The Abuser is to stay 100 feet away from your motor vehicle.

The Abuser is to surrender his firearms or ammunition.

The Court, at its discretion, MAY Order:

  The Abuser to attend Batterer’s Intervention Classes **;

The Abuser to undergo a Mental Health Evaluation and comply with follow up recommendations;

The Abuser to undergo a Substance Abuse Evaluation and comply with follow up recommendations.

One Party to have Exclusive Use and Possession of a Shared Residence.

Return of Personal Property (Pick up with law enforcement accompaniment).

Majority timesharing of a minor child(ren).

Unsupervised, supervised or no timesharing with a minor child(ren).

Child Support.

Spousal Support (Alimony).

Any other relief that the court deems appropriate to protect a victim of domestic violence.



** A Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) is as 29 week long program, including 24 weekly group counseling sessions, intake, assessment and orientation.  The purpose is to hold batterer’s accountable for acts of domestic violence.  BIP content is based on a psychoeducational model that addresses tactics of power and control by one person over another.

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